K Stage System V Press

K Stage v Press is a Modular System Scaffold with Wedge Fixing for all access scaffold requirements.
The wedge Fixing of the Ledgers and Transoms gives a simple and fast means of erecting access scaffolding without loose parts
Rigid 4 way fixing giving a postive location without movement
Spigot and wedge fitting on the Standard to give guaranted vertical alignment
Quality primed & painted or hot dipped galvanised finish for maintenance free use

K Stage Standard / Vertical

image Length in Mtr Feet Weight
0.5M 1’7.5″ 3KG 6.6lbs
1.0 M 3’3″ 6.2KG 13.64 lbs
1.5M 4’10.5″ 8.5KG 18.7 lbs
2.0M 6’6″ 11.7KG 2.57 lbs
2.5M 8’1.5″ 14.4 KG 31.68 lbs
3.0M 9’9″ 17.2KG 37.84 lbs

K Stage Ledger / Horizontal

image [Item code-416(1)] Length in Mtr Feet Weight
1.2M  4’2″ 5.6KG 12.32lbs
1.8M  6′ 7KG 15.4lbs
2.4M  8′ 9.2KG 20.24lbs

K Stage Transom

image[Item code-416(2)] Length in Mtr Feet Weight
0.6M 2′ 3.3KG 7.26lbs
0.8M  2’8″ 5KG 11lbs
1.2M  4’2″ 9.7KG 21.34lb
1.8M  6′ 13.1KG 28.82lb

K Stage Diagonal Brace

image[Item code-416(3)] Length in Mtr Feet Weight
1.83M  6′ 6.8KG 14.96lbs
2.75M 9′ 10.5KG 23.1lbs
3.53M 11’6″ 12.4KG 27.28lb
3.66M 12′ 12.9KG 28.38lbs

K Stage Tie Bar

image[Item code-416(4)] Length in Mtr Feet Weight
1.2M 4’2″ 3.8KG 8.36lbs
1.8M 6′ 5.4KG 11.88lbs
2.4M 8′ 7.2KG 15.84lbs

K Stage Platform Bracket (One , Two & Three Board)

image[Item code-416(5)] Length in Mtr Weight
230MM 2.3KG 5.06lbs
460MM 6.4KG 14.05lbs
690MM 9.1KG 20.02lbs

Kwik Stage Centilever Frame

[Item code-416(6)]

Size – One Board, Two Board & Three Board

Corner Pannel

[Item code-416(7)]

Sizes – 1X1, 2×1, 2×2
Finish – Painted


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